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Our Interactions: Testimonials

"When engaging a consultant or trainer one wants a person who has impact and is capable of contributing in practical ways. Whether its culture change, negotiation training or personal development, Nellie has been invaluable in contributing and making a difference to our people. She understands the client organizations need, delivers powerfully and makes sure that the effort of her engagement has lasting value. It's this type of interest, effort and passion for her work that's made her successful and a partner in several projects for Hiram Walker and Pharmaphil. She never ceases to amaze! "  (Even if she's just calling and leaving a voice mail.)

Vancho Cirovski,
Pharmaphil (formally R.P.Scherer), Windsor
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"I have heard nothing but positive feedback from my colleagues… another very satisfied customer."

Cindy M. King, Program Manager
Information Management,
Workman’s Compensation Board, Edmonton
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"Nellie Vieira is a brilliant and talented facilitator/trainer from Toronto. Her style is dynamic, genuine and her messages are as impactful as they are insightful.  Our engineers and buyers cannot say enough good things about her and as one class finishes, I have registrations for the next.  Our folks find that they leave the course with far more than they could possibly expect."

Tracie Moser
Training & Development Specialist
Ballard Power Systems, Vancouver
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"Nellie’s presentation was very animated, lots of enthusiasm; emotive, energetic, expressive, wow; fantastic, and she was engaging for every minute of the course.

I have never seen someone speak for two full days on a topic without notes and even more so kept it interesting."

North Atlantic Refinery
Come By Chance, Newfoundland
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"Thank you for being a large reason why this was one of our most successful conferences yet. We have had nothing but positive remarks. I think I have a concept that describes you perfectly:  ‘Attitude without the Attitude’ You do what you do with great humility and no pretension. You were awesome!"

Geoff Van Geem
Director, Agency Training & Development
Canadian Scholarship Trust, Toronto
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"We hired Forrest and Associates to inspire and motivate our school staff. However, we have received so much more. Nellie helped us to recognize our shared values and ideals and to move forward with a strong vision that has resulted in growth for our school."

Carole Cristiano
Principal, Kew Park Montessori Day School, Toronto
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"I wanted to thank you so much for the wonderful workshop today. This was my third time having the privilege of attending your workshop with you and I cannot begin to tell you how much I still have learned and have taken away from today’s workshop too. Everyone benefited and grew personally. I know it's just what we needed to start the year on the right foot."

Enza Pellegrini
Klienburg Montessori School
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"Absolutely the most exciting presenter I have had; animated; very motivating; excellent tone, style and delivery; ability to keep audience focused and captivated; kept the class moving very well; I will look forward to any course Nellie presents; Nellie was able to encourage participation without being aggressive or over bearing. It was the best I have seen, heard of or participated in."

PMMS Negotiation
Public Session, Toronto
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"Nellie was absolutely brilliant, this course was far beyond my expectations because of Nellie. Extremely well presented seminar that kept everyone involved. Nellie has all the characteristics and attributes of a superior course instructor leader."

The Human Factor in Negotiation
PMAC Public Session, Calgary
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"Very dynamic and informative; exuberant and intense. Nellie is dynamic and engaging as she impacts each person in the class on an individual level. A true professional and very knowledgeable! She holds your attention the entire time, awesome!"

PMMS Negotiation
Public Session, Edmonton
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"Your presentation ‘Attitude is Everything’ was especially well received by our members and your professionalism certainly captivated the audience’s attention. Your ability to present the subject with excitement, warmth and enthusiasm also added to the presentation, and gave us much to consider. Your considerable experience in public speaking was clearly evident in the way in which you took a difficult subject and addressed it in a captivating and enjoyable fashion."

Jim Geraghty
Program Director
HAPPEN, Toronto
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"Just a short note to say thank you for the wonderful training, energy and effort you put forth with us here at Husky.  It is a great pleasure to participate with you as you bring such enthusiasm, energy, spirit, personal beliefs and experiences with you."

Richard L. Connolly, C.P.P., C.P.M.
Contracts Coordinator Materials & Services Management
Husky Energy
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"The participants enjoyed the day and learned many very practical concepts that they can apply in their day-to-day role as a Product Specialist. I thought that you would appreciate the feedback they gave."

Patty Bilodeau
CNS Training Manager
Janssen-Ortho Inc.
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"This was by far the most practical training that I have received since being hired with JOI Great program!! I would do it again. The information will help me in dealing with customers. I wish I could express myself as well as Nellie does! I’ll be practicing! WOW! You are bang on! Very useful."

Janssen – Ortho Inc.
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"I just want to thank and acknowledge Steve and Nellie for being an inspiration and huge evidence of hope for me. You guys are fantastic!"

Jill Bulmer
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"As sales people, we tend to have very short attention spans and by the end of each day I had felt that I had been re-energized. Let me tell you..... that is something to have accomplish as a speaker!!!!!!! You are a person that has truly inspired me to learn how to inspire other people. THAT..... is truly a gift !!!!"

Joanne Foglia
Cardiovascular Resource Specialist
Pfizer Canada,Toronto
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"Hi Steve, thank you very much for a fabulous afternoon. There were only positive messages sent throughout the entire weekend on how wonderful the workshop day was! So, thank you very much."

Erika Giesl, QAA
Association of Administrative Assistants, Canada
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"Thanks Steve! I enjoyed your session and liked your honesty and attitude! I plan on sharing what I received from your session with the people on my team."

Sandi Keeling
Watson Wyatt Canada
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"I took Nellie’s negotiating course in 2000. Shortly after the course I was negotiating a move to the USA and based on using the techniques I learned in the course I was able to get an additional $27,000.00 as part of my move package."

Bill Sayers
President, The Sayers Group Inc., Toronto
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"Nellie, I think you are a wonderful person.  You have this way of explaining and putting things together that makes it so easy and clear to understand.  I am very grateful that I had the opportunity to meet with you."

Isabelle-Anne Mimeault
Chef, Relations Communautaires / Manager, Community Relations
Quebec & Nouveau Brunswick/Quebec & New Brunswick
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"Steve’s knowledge of customer interaction, sales tools and professional sales procedures is excellent. I would not hesitate to bring him in to coach our team again and I would recommend that his presentation would be an asset to any organization."

Cyndi Knill,
V.P. Sales, National Accounts
Mumby & Associates, Toronto
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"My life and career are both back on track and I cannot thank Steve enough for helping me through that tough time….I would recommend Steve to either speak in front of a group or individually as his motivation skills are top of the line. After listening he breaks everything down to small details and gets you thinking "true to the core."

Glen Vaughan
Metro Waste Paper Recovery Inc., Toronto
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