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Our Offerings: Seminars/Workshops
Organizations don't transform, people do

An effective training session must not be seen as a single event but as part of a larger process. A process of discovery and learning that is anchored with tools that really work and techniques that make a difference. We’ll work with you to ensure that not only is the seminar you choose relevant to your current circumstances, it is also tailored to address and emphasize your specific needs including the timing and course length that works best.

Workshops are also offered as the type of session that serves to provide the greatest amount of impact in the shortest amount of time when the need requires an immediate resolution, development, breakthrough or strategy. Teams that desire to create an on the spot "move forward fast" environment will benefit most from this form of focused, solution oriented facilitation.

Choose from a selection of pre-designed sessions or use the listed topics to initiate the conversation of how we may partner with you to design and develop a customized program.

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1. Attitude Is Everything

The difference between seeing the glass as half empty and seeing that same glass as half full is attitude. In this session we will examine the choice behind the attitude and explore the decision of adopting a positive one. You will discover:

  • How the mind set has everything to do with approaching, communicating, interacting and satisfying your internal/external customers and ultimately yourself
  • What attitude robbers are and how they impact your actions (reaction vs response)
  • How attitude and intention affect the outcomes
2. Effective Communication As The New Competitive Edge

A customizable program that develops the individuals’ capacity to have rewarding, meaningful business relationships. This session is built on the understanding that trust is a factor of your total cost of doing business. You will be inviting change when you learn:

  • The Core elements of a successful business relationship
  • How ability, motivation, trust and empathy impact communication
  • Three essential ingredients for communicating effectively
3. Communicating On Purpose

Effecting a successful outcome from our communication with others requires us being conscious of the mindset, emotion and subsequently the behavior that supports how we say what we say when we say it. Participants in this session will learn:

  • The T.U.C. principle (Trust, Understand, Communicate)
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Characteristics and assumptions of effective communicators
4. Customer In Context

All too often it is the desire not the skill that stops people from delivering their best. This session is designed to transform your customer service vision into a service culture that delivers results. Participants will have personal and professional service breakthroughs when they learn how to:

  • Set expectations by explicitly communicating values
  • Recognize context and be able to shift attitudes
  • Bring forward inherent leadership attributes of creativity, flexibility, accountability, responsiveness and willingness
5. Customer Service Extraordinaire!

An internal-customer needs focus has an amazing way of helping the professional achieve a recognizable and valued approach to getting the job done. This customizable session will deliver the processes, skills and behavior your employees require to exceed your customer’s highest expectations. Learning includes:

  • How to identify, respond and deliver value that meets the customers’ needs
  • The importance of "knowing your stuff"
  • Three intangible keys that impact service success
6. Having A Competitive Edge Without The Edge

This session is founded on the principle that negotiating in the new economy requires having a competitive edge that is based on strategic values that will clearly differentiate you. We infuse the three requirements of an effective negotiator (skill, assertiveness, creativity) with tangible and proven techniques that participants will learn how to apply immediately.

  • Understand and practice what motivates people to move
  • Develop values as the language of influence
  • Recognize and apply a strategic approach verses a reactive one
7. Persuading & Influencing
This customizable session is one of the most impactful persuading and influencing trainings you’ll experience. Based on the premise that motivating movement (shifting thinking, initiating action, gaining support) is at the heart of purposeful persuasion, it can be most beneficial for overcoming the difficulties of internal negotiations. Included in this session are:
  • How to value values while satisfying needs
  • Technique over technology – questioning, listening, responding
  • Attributes of effective communicators – attentiveness, honesty, effort
8. Grow-Up
Stop sabotaging and start getting clear on what issues are preventing your team from achieving top notch results. Doing nothing is not an option. Corporate self-esteem is derived from individuals defining and choosing the culture that will transform a toxic working environment into a sustainable culture of commitment. The opportunity is here to:
  • Align values to develop principles that partner with success
  • Apply the three keys to transformation (empathy, assertion, contribution)
  • Take ownership for communication and behavior

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