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Our Offerings: What We Do

We provide clients with the tools and methods that facilitate and encourage clear, honest, compassionate and accountable communication to build stronger relationships based on a foundation of truth.

We offer insight and training with sustainable techniques to elevate consciousness and improve performance through our true to the core® philosophy ensuring that you communicate, work and behave on purpose.

true to the core® works in persuading and influencing, communication effectiveness, conflict resolution, trust relationship development and sustainability, leadership training, values and vision clarification and consensus building.

say it!
  communicating…on purpose

What’s the purpose? How many of your employees could articulate your organization’s purpose and their unique contributions in its delivery and to its success? How many understand the issues and opportunities that your organization faces today? How many can really listen and learn to anticipate and resolve customer needs? How many believe that your organization’s values are more than marketing jargon? Simply stated, having your organization’s beliefs be integral to your communications will enable them to become integral to behavior and to every decision that is made throughout the organization. It’s about interaction, empathy, understanding and truth. It’s about consistent communication to build credibility around the core of your business. It’s about being true to that core.

work it!
  operating…on purpose

In the past, the words integrity, ethics and responsibility have not been synonymous or compatible with the entrepreneurial spirit, corporate culture or growth organizations. They have all been called into question by scrutinizing, skeptical and, most importantly, educated shareholders and stakeholders. They can make or break, resolve or dissolve. They can be cost-of-entry to any market or customer relationship because we recognize that working without them will erode personal and professional self-esteem and relationships. How can you ensure that you’re building corporate self-esteem and solidifying relationships? We will work with you in a non-judgmental, straightforward and objective way to:

  1. Create values that you can value
  2. Align people with purpose
  3. Become behavior conscious
  4. Become accountable for communication
  5. Develop principles that partner with success

live it!
  behaving…on purpose

More than motivation, behaving on purpose is the key to achieving success. Stating your beliefs and your purpose just isn’t enough; they must be integral to behavior throughout your organization. In everything from the way that employees are managed to the way performance appraisals are structured and the script and empowerment given to those that work directly with your customers, there is an opportunity to reinforce and strengthen your core. We’ll work with you to develop purposeful behavior then help with how to live it through an implementation strategy.

believe it!

As a manager, director or team leader you can guide your organization towards its goals through consciousness and competence by learning to:

  • communicate on purpose
  • work on purpose
  • behave on purpose
  • be true to the core.

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