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Our Foundation: Mission, Values and Guiding Principles

Our mission is to develop a client’s inherent capacity for building trusting, productive relationships through honest, compassionate and accountable communication.


We encourage the following in our client relationships and interactions with others:

  • Respect in how you are treated with courtesy and non-judgment
  • Integrity in how you are communicated to directly and honestly
  • Authenticity in the individualized way in which our relationship develops
  • Passion behind the style, delivery and purpose
  • Imagination in the unleashing of any and all creative power

Guiding Principles

Understanding is more important than agreeing.
Effective collaboration is dependent on this.

Creating relationships of trust increases the potential of needs being fulfilled.

Operating from a base of core values encourages consistent and congruent behavior.

Focusing on motivating desire before developing ability maximizes performance and commitment.



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