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Our Offerings: 1 on 1 Coaching

Individual or team coaching is an invigorating process for those wanting to have a greater impact or achieve extraordinary results. Coaching is a powerful collaborative relationship between the coach and you or your group that heightens the awareness and the subsequent actions that effect the changes you are committed to making.

1 On 1 Coaching acts as a personal facilitation of any one area of consciousness that has at this juncture become significant enough to command and invest some attention.


B.A.B.Y.™(Being A Better You) is a value of self program offering personal and professional self esteem development. Founded on the Nathaniel Branden Six Pillars of Self Esteem principles, this in depth process invites an opportunity to validate the uniqueness of you. From journal entries to declarations; from motivation to action.

     1. Awareness Consciousness
2. I is Me Self Acceptance
3. I Do Self Responsibility
4. I Am Self-Assertiveness
5. Being ME Living Purposefully
6. True Personal Integrity

Our process is to first understand and honor who you are
and what you are about at the core level
   (by asking, listening and sharing)
then challenging and motivating you
   (by asking, listening and sharing)
to understand, honor and action it.

Your core is you.
It’s worth being true to it.


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