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Our Interactions: Associates

We believe that it requires an entire village to… thus we are very proud of our collaboration with a growing number of independent professionals and practitioners that we are privileged to refer to as our associates and more warmly as integral and valued members of the true to the core® team.

We pride ourselves with the benefit we have to offer in being able to access from a wealth of respected resources, the individual or team of associates that is best suited to impart the specialized skills, tools, roadmap and mindset that can motivate the realizing of your desired outcome.

true to the core®

The commitment to this simple and yet powerful philosophy is the glue that bonds how and why we work together. true to the core® rarely needs explaining and yet is what underpins every interaction, consulting service, facilitation or training session we have to offer and deliver.

Our Associates know and stand for it.

Ask us

We are supported by independent experts in the field of:

  • Leadership
  • Relationship management
  • Human resource development
  • Strategic planning
  • Change management
  • Sales & customer service
  • Marketing & market research
  • Purchasing & supply management
  • Process development
  • Accounting & financial planning
  • Communications & public relations
  • Event planning
  • Corporate & personal esteem development
  • Marriage / partnership counseling
  • Youth services

Profiles and references available as required.



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